Soos Creek Park

Soos Creek Park is in Kent, WA and follows Big and Little Soos Creeks as they meander from the Lake Youngs area to the Green River. It’s just a short walk from my home and I visit it frequently. The habitat includes cattail marshes, flooded forest, and other wetlands, as well as some stands of secondary mixed forest. There are a few big older black cottonwood and Douglas firs. The park is bordered by suburban homes, and few small farms, and is cut-through by several major roads. A multi-use trail winds through the length of the park and connects to other trail systems.

The biodiversity is this suburban park is pretty amazing. I record my observations of wildlife on; it’s a great citizen science site for recording and identifying wildlife observations. I have my own Soos Creek species list, with over observed over 120 species of wildlife in or near Soos Creek park; I see something new there almost every time I visit. I also just added Soos Creek to iNaturalist’s place database, the widget for which is below.

On my last trip this past week, I saw several frogs including northern red-legged frogs (Rana auroroa). I also finally figured out what makes the weird hoop-cluck sound that echoes throughout the reeds and bushes. I had always though it was a woodcock, and only knew for certain it was impossible to find. However, the other evening, I heard the booming hoop-cluck sound close to the trail, and looked over to see an American bittern frozen on top of some reeds. It’s only the second bittern I’ve ever seen. When the booming hoop-cluck started, I was amazed.

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